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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved. You can build your very own Little Free Library. You can make a donation to support the Little Free Library movement. You can search for and visit other Little Free Libraries near your area and donate used books for others to enjoy. You can contact your local library and check for volunteer opportunities. Or quite simply, you can spread the word about our Little Free Library to your friends and on social media. Let's get more and more people around the world reading again! 


Visit a

Little Free Library Near You

Click the "Visit" button below if you would like to search for and visit a Little Free Library near you! Or anywhere in the World if you're on vacation. We all welcome book donations! 


Build Your 
Very Own

Little Free Library

Click the "Build" button below to learn more about starting your very own Little Free Library! You can build your own or you can purchase kits offered on the Little Free Library online store.


Little Free Library


Click the "Donate" button below if you would like to support the largest grassroots book-sharing network in the world! Your contribution will help build community, spark creativity and inspire readers. 

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